Your First Visit


Veterinary Oncology   and Referral Clinic

Your veterinarian has recommended that your pet see one of our specialist for a condition that requires further diagnostic review or treatment beyond their expertise.  It is helpful if your doctor submits a referral form detailing your pets history as well as results from previous blood test, histopathology, cytology, or imaging that may have already been completed.  Some imaging, such as x-rays can be sent digitally and some are on film.  If necessary, please make arrangements to bring those that cannot be sent electronically with you the day of your appointment.  

We ask that all pets are fasted for 8 hours prior to their appointment. This allows us to pursue diagnostics or treatment that may require sedation the same day versus rescheduling on a different day. Please call our office for instructions if your pet has a medical condition requiring they eat regular meals, such as diabetes.  

You can expect your first visit to last and hour to an hour and a half.  Your pet's doctor will ask you a thorough history and perform a very careful physical exam, review medical records and discuss treatment or diagnostic options with you.  We understand that some owners find they need time to make a decision about the next step.  If you are prepared to move forward, testing or treatment can often be initiated the same day.